Acrivet, Inc.
Intraocular Lenses
Acrivet 20V

Foldable single-piece IOL
diffractive structure of the optic (Fresnel principle)
20V-12, 20V-13, 20V-14
Application: For implantation into the capsular bag
Optic size: 7.0mm
Overall length:

12.0 mm (20V-12)
13.0 mm (20V-13)
14.0 mm (20V-14)
Haptic angulation:
Haptic design: Square edged haptic and optic
Optic design: Biconvex
Material: Hydrophilic acrylate with 25% water content
and UV-absorber
Sterilization method: Autoclaving
Available diopter: +53.5 D
Package: Sterile, in water for injection


  • Easy to implant into the capsular bag through small incision by folding or injecting
  • Perfect centration in the capsular bag
  • Extremely thin lens due to microstructured optic
  • Highly biocompatible acrylic material
  • 25% water content, hydrophobic surface
  • Long term experience in clinical application
  • No vaulting
  • Manufactured under certified quality management acc. to EN ISO 13485 by Valeant Med, Poland