Acrivet, Inc.
blue staining solution
Sterile Trypan blue solution for intraocular application

Acrivet Blue

Acrivet Blue is a Trypan blue staining solution for intraoperative
application in ophthalmic surgery. Acrivet Blue is an appliance
for temporary, intraoperative staining of ocular tissues in
glaucoma surgery, in particular in trabeculectomy for
conjunctival staining; in lamellar and penetrating keratoplasty
for staining of the stroma and Descemet’s membrane;
and in enucleation surgery for visualizing the Tenon’s capsule.
Composition1 ml Acrivet Blue-solution contains 0.6 mg Trypan
blue in physiological sodium chloride solution
buffered with phosphate buffer.
Package size
package with 5 sterile single use syringes
with 1 ml content each
at room temperature, protect from freezing and from light
Suggested cannula
blunt cannula with 27 Gauge x 7/8”