Acrivet, Inc.
tinted bandage lenses for horses
Equine tinted bandage lenses
in case of light sensitivity

Special indication: light sensitivity
cosmetic indications
Type: Diameter: Base curve: Recommendation:
Acrivet Pat-black H1 34.0 mm 18.0 mm horses, normal eye size
Acrivet Pat-black H2 32.0 mm 17.0 mm small horses, ponies
Acrivet Pat-black H3 26.0 mm 15.0 mm young ponies
Acrivet Pat-black H4 30.0 mm 16.5 mm young horses
Acrivet Pat-black H5 38.0 mm 19.5 mm big horses
Acrivet Pat-black H6 36.0 mm 20.0 mm horses - larger eyes
Central thickness: 0.5 mm
Power: 0,0 D ± 0,25 D
Material: polyxylon with 2,5 % UV-Absorber
Water content: 74,0%
Dk (oxygen): 33